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Brass Sorting Line Controller

Starting at $4,000 USD

So you have $25,000 or more in sorting equipment, and can sort a few thousand pounds a day of brass, great! Now, what is the next step to run more efficiently? 


You still need to manually control machines. They keep running when empty, or they won't shut down when they are full. This takes you away from your primary tasks of loading, or processing brass.


Adding this controller increased our sorting productivity at least 30% as we now just focus on keeping the start of the line fed and stripping brass off the end of the line.

These controllers are designed for production usage. Everything in them is specified for long service life and to be trouble free. Sure, these could be built to the minimum specification, but that's not how we do things at Black Sheep Brass. We run a production shop, we don't view downtime as an option either.

Once you have the controller installed on your sorting line, you set your feed rates at your individual machines and turn the machine to auto. That is it. The controller looks after everything else.

How Does it Work?

We based the whole design of this controller on the principle of keeping the operation of your sorting line simple. We did all the hard work on the process engineering, so you don't have to. 

Hit the start button and the program is running. You add the brass to your first stage, the controller coordinates the movement of brass between stages and shuts down when you either run out of brass or have filled your final stage hopper. At the end of the day, you can set it up to shut down when completely empty or leave it ready to go for the morning. It is up to you. 

There are some other features in the program here and there that we have figured out to make things run more efficiently, but we're not going to give away all our secrets now.

Controller Version 1 Photos

Basic Controller - $4,000 USD

These controllers can be built to your specific application for a reasonable price. Probably the basic one will do what you want anyway, so start here. There are some options that are available, and other suggestions can be priced as discussed.

Brass Sorting Line Controller - Basic

  • PLC control

  • 240VAC / 60HZ - 20 Amps

  • LED Status indicators

  • 3 Level sensors

    • Trommel sorter low level​

    • Roller sorter high level

    • Roller sorter low level

  • 4 Power outlets​

    • Trommel​

    • Elevator

    • Air cleaner

    • Roller sorter

  • Automatic/off/override on for each device

All controllers are built in a NEMA 12 enclosure suitable for:

  • Protection against dust, falling dirt, fibres and lint

  • Protection from dripping water and other noncorrosive liquids

  • Resistant to damage from external condensation of noncorrosive liquids

All controllers are built using premium European electrical control components and sensors.

Build Options

Options - No Charge​

  • Plug in or hardwire (120V / 240V)

  • Hardwire only (208V)


Options - Upcharge

  • Additional sensors 

    • Feeder sensors x 3 additional for more accurate sensing of brass level in feeders - $250 USD

    • Output drum or pail sensors  to shut down roller sorter on a full condition

      • Per sensor - $125 USD

  • Tower light

    • Panel mounted- Set to indicate as per your instructions - $200 USD

    • Remote mounted- Set to indicate as per your instructions - $300 USD

  • LCD HMI​ touch screen interface (Replaces switches and buttons on the front panel)

    • 4.3" - $800​ USD

    • 7" - $1,000 USD

    • 10.1" $1,400 USD

  • Surge Suppressor​

    • Single phase 240V - $300 USD

    • Three phase 208V - $400 USD

  • Hour meter / Counter - Digital NFC read - no physical display - per NFC device - $60 USD

  • Additional devices can be added to PLC on an as per request. This will be done on a time and materials cost. 

Terms and Conditions

Order and payment

  • For basic controller - 50% is due at time of order - balance is due prior to shipping (2 - 3 weeks)

  • For custom controller - $2,000 USD + cost of options is due at time of order - balance is due prior to shipping


Final install is to be completed on your line by the end user. You will receive the recommended sensor locations, however, you may have to adjust these locations due to the specifics of your system. End users will be required to run cables from field devices to control box and secure them (cables included)

Programming changes

When you purchase a controller you will be provided programming cables, the end user must provide remote access to a computer connected to the PLC for programming changes as required by the client. The software is locked from the factory and prevents unauthorized modifications which could damage equipment.



If down the road you add more equipment or redesign your sorting line, ship the controller back to us and it can be modified and upgraded to fit your future needs. This will be done on time (programming, fabrication) and materials billing 

Limitations & exclusions

Due to the nature of running automated equipment, the end user will be responsible that the equipment is properly safety guarded and interlocked to ensure that equipment is safe to be around. When running in "auto" all or any of the equipment in the line can start at any time, hence all persons in the vicinity of equipment must be wearing appropriate protective equipment and made aware of risks of said equipment starting or stopping unexpectedly. 

Technology limitations and intellectual property

All programming and controller designs are the intellectual property of Black Sheep Brass. The program or device is not to be modified or duplicated, this will void any expressed or implied warranty.

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