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I started Black Sheep Brass as a way to fill a hole I perceived in the supply chain for reloaders in Canada in 2013.

I shoot IPSC pistol, shotgun and Outlaw 3 Gun Matches. I reload my ammunition on an RL 1050 or my 2 RL550's which are also used as demonstration platforms for our road show.

I served with the Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserve from 2010 to 2018. Spending time in the following roles.

  • ​32 Combat Engineer Regiment

    • Field Troop Commander (dismounted)

    • Field Troop Commander (wheeled)

    • Support Troop Commander

    • 2 Field Squadron Second in Command

  • ​Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment

    • Ortona Rifle Company Second in Command (Acting Officer Commanding)

Currently, I am employed full-time in municipal emergency services focusing on technical operations and advanced rescue disciplines.

I spend as much time as possible with my wife Pauline, and my daughter Claire. When time permits, I ski and ride my adventure motorcycle or dirtbike.


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