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Brass Shell Casing Shredder

Starting Price $65,000 USD

We have all run into this problem. You have several thousand pounds of shell casings around that you want to get rid of, but you can't get a fair price for it. It is always the same old story from the scrap yards. They don't aren't willing to take the risk of live rounds, even though you have culled it. So they pay you less then you know the brass is worth. 


We came up with a solution to the problem. This deals with the issues associated with scrap brass shells casings.

  • Maximizes your sale price

  • Reduces volume for storage and transportation

  • Prevents casings from being resold to your competition

  • Reduces chances of live rounds being passed into the commodity market


How Does it Work?

We based the whole design of this shredder on industry standard designs and then specialized them to handle brass shell casings. We did all the hard work on the process engineering, so you don't have to. 

Fill the hopper with brass that has been cleared of live rounds, and hit the start button on the controller. The hopper will feed brass in and the brass is mutilated into sizes that render them clear of live ammunition and reduce volume by approximately 40%. The default application is vertical hopper feed and 5-gallon pail collection. Options are available for feed and collection, such as drum feed and drum output, or gaylord feed and conveyor output to discharge into your selected receptacle.

Shredder Output

Brass Shredder - Basic

These machines can be built to your specific application for a reasonable price. Probably the basic one will do what you want anyway, so start here. Each shredder comes standard with one head unit. Each head is specifically designed for a target range of brass size to ensure efficiency and longevity. There are some options that are available, and other suggestions can be priced as discussed.

Brass Shredder - Basic - One Head

  • PLC Controlled
    • Auto shut down on empty hopper

    • Auto shut down on full discharge receptacle 

    • On overload, the machine will attempt to self-clear jam and automatically restart without operator intervention.

    • Load reporting to display the percentage of machine capacity being used either

  • Variable frequency drive

    • 208V 3 Phase or 240V single phase

  • Overload and thermal protection on motor and drive​

  • Average of 30 gallons of brass per hour (based on correct head for product being shred)

    • Speed of the shredder can be manually varied based on the load to match feed rates to brass being shred​

All electronic components are installed in a NEMA 12 enclosure suitable for:

  • Protection against dust, falling dirt, fibres and lint

  • Protection from dripping water and other noncorrosive liquids

  • Resistant to damage from external condensation of noncorrosive liquids

All shredders are built using premium European and American electrical control components and sensors. All steel is of Canadian or American manufacture.

All wear surfaces are made from hardened tool steel to ensure long service life and durability.

Build Options

All machines are built based on individual needs of facilities or agencies.

We have designs available for 2HP - 15HP available for general purpose small arms brass. and 30 HP - 50 HP units for destruction of larger caliber autocannon shells.

Options - No Charge​

  • Electrical 

    • Plug in or hardwire (120V / 240V)

    • Hardwire only (208V)

  • Head sizes

    • Size 1

      • Rimfire through 5.7 x 28mm​

    • Size 2 ​

      • 5.7 x 28mm through .223​, 7,62x39mm

      • 380 Auto through 45 ACP

    • Size 3​

      • 45 ACP and larger​

      • 22-250 through 30-06


Options available at extra cost

    • LCD Human Machine Interface​ touch screen interface

      • 4.3 Inch, 7Inch, or 10.1" 

  • Dry chemical manual fire suppression system

    • Pre-plumbed into shredder feed and discharge.​​

  • Tower light

    • Panel mounted- Set to indicate as per your instructions

  • Spare blade set - Cost based on blade size and format.

    • ​Includes a complete additional set of blades and spaces​ for your selected head size

  • Surge Suppressor​

    • Single phase or three phase

  • Additional devices can be added to PLC on an as per request. This will be done on a time and materials cost. 

Terms and Conditions

Order and payment

  • For basic controller - 50% is due at time of order - balance is due prior to shipping ( 8 - 10 weeks approximately )

  • Payment by wire transfer, bank draft, or cheque 

Field Commissioning

These machines ship essentially ready to operate once some minor assembly is completed. The machines are run in our facility for several hours to ensure everything functions as designed. If you upgrade to larger feed and discharge systems they will require installation onto the shredder post delivery.

Programming changes

When you purchase a plc controller for your shredder, you will be provided programming cables, for programming changes to occur, the end user must provide remote access to a computer connected to the PLC for programming changes as required by the client. The software is locked from the factory and prevents unauthorized modifications which could damage equipment.

Limitations & exclusions

This machine is NOT intended or designed for the destruction of live ammunition. Shredding live ammunition is extremely dangerous and poses the potential to cause death, serious injury, damage to this machine or other property. If you choose too, or accidentally shred live ammunition, we are not responsible for any perils that occur. There are safety features on the machine to help reduce the risk of injury if a live round accidentally passes through the machine and goes off. These are for the safety of the user only and are no guarantee that death or injury may not occur.

Due to the nature of running automated equipment, the end user will be responsible that the equipment is properly safety guarded and interlocked to ensure that equipment is safe to be around. When running in "auto" all or any of the equipment in the line can start at any time, hence all persons in the vicinity of equipment must be wearing appropriate protective equipment and made aware of risks of said equipment starting or stopping unexpectedly. 

Technology limitations and intellectual property

All designs, patterns and devices are the intellectual property of Black Sheep Brass. The program or device is not to be modified or duplicated, this will void any expressed or implied warranty.

Freight and Shipping

These machines can be freighted internationally at the buyer's expense. The buyer is responsible for all freight charges, duties, customs and brokerage fees. The machine will be placed on skids and prepared for shipment. Once shipping has been arranged and payment has been received the shredder will be released to your selected freight company. 

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