.300 AAC Blackout - Converted From Commercial .223 Brass - Camdex Processed

.300 AAC Blackout - Converted From Commercial .223 Brass - Camdex Processed

What does Camdex Processed mean?

Short version - It loads like brand new commercial brass. No primer crimps, everything will case gauge, no cracks, no off calibre pieces.

Long version - The machine is widely used in the ammunition remanufacturing industry to recondition brass prior to loading. It does many operations in sequence to ensure you have top quality brass ready to feed into your reloading equipment without worry. Here is the list of operations in sequence:

  • Berdan primer, and long case ejection from the machine
  • Split and short case ejection
  • Resize and decapping
  • Ringer check
  • Primer pocket swaging and full length resize
  • Trim to length
  • Product Statistics

    • Trim length Average: 1.359" +/- 0.002"
    • Headspace Average (SAAMI): -0.002" +/- 0.002"
    • Average neck thickness (after deburr and chamfer): 0.0113"
    • Internal neck tension (after deburr and chamfer): 0.302"
    • Defect rates
      • Physical - non reloadable:  Less than 0.75%
      • Headstamp: Less than 5%
    • The end user should deburr and chamfer the brass while inspecting it prior to loading - during inspection check for swarvings in case (brass strings from trimming)
  • Returns & Exchanges

    • If you want to return or exchange something, you have 30 days to get it back to me at your expense from the date you received.
    • You need a reasonable (to me) reason to return or exchange something. IE: non-cosmetic defect rate above 2% extra issued, I sent you the wrong calibre
    • If the product is marked "mixed headstamp" and you want to return it because you do not like the makeup of the headstamps, I will not accept a return on it. If you ask, I will give you an approximate makeup prior to shipping
  • Shipping Information


    • When I send you the invoice please ensure the shipping and billing address is correct. I ship based on the address on the invoice.
    • No pickups at the shop. This is an insurance issue as I cannot have people without proper PPE and safety training in the shop. (Again I am not a retailer, I am a wholesaler/manufacturer)
    • Shipping options are courier or Canada Post. Default will be the most economical option
    • Signature will be required unless you specify otherwise.
      • This helps prevent shipping companies from "mis-delivering" your package
  • Liability Waiver

    • Reloading is done at your own risk. We are not liable for any possible personal injury, property damage or damage to firearms resulting from the unsafe handling of firearms or improper reloading techniques.
    • The end user is responsible for the final inspection prior to loading the brass and discharging the assembled ammunition. This includes ensuring that brass is in suitable conditions and has the correct headstamp for the ammunition being loaded.
    • You may find the occasional case with a crack, dented, minor staining, damaged mouth, off head-stamp or defect incurred while processing.
    • You get an extra 2% to account for any of the above


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