I have been hunting and fishing my whole life, and my family and I
spend the majority of our time in the outdoors. To say we are avid waterfowl
hunters would be an understatement. I experienced a career of professional and
semi-professional paintball in Canada and in the United States but have since
retired. I took up action shooting a few short years ago and based on my previous
history, was what some call a natural. I am an IPSC Open Division Grand Master
in Alberta Canada. Took 1st place at the 2018 IPSC Alberta Provincial
Championships. Managed 4th place at the 2018 IPSC Canadian National
Championships as well as a top 5 overall finish. I led the Alberta Provincial Team
to become the 2018 Team Open Division National Champions and had five IPSC
2018 regular season 1st place finishes along with two 3rd’s. I have been fortunate
enough to have podium finishes at every 3gun/multigun match I have attended for
the last 2 years, including all attended Canadian Major Matches. Unofficially said
to be at the top, if not the top 3gun competitor in Canada. The 2018 Top Gun
Champion and took a National title at the 2017 Canadian National Steel Challenge
in rim-fire open sights division.


Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

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